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about me Mar 09, 2019

What's up guys! I want to give you a little context into my life so you can get to know me and/or relate to me better. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio and was always passionate about entrepreneurship, as both of my parents and almost all of my extended family run their own business. </p><p>Throughout middle school and high school I played a lot of sports, lifted weights and ran small businesses. Later in high school, I ended up hanging around the wrong crowd and developed terrible habits which I took with me into college. I enrolled in the University of Kentucky where I majored in finance with two minors in international business and economics. I went through the motions in college, had several internships with multiple banks and ran some small E-commerce stores. I graduated from Kentucky University with a degree in Finance and landed a job at JP Morgan. After passing my series 66 & 7 tests and working for 19 months I was forced to make a decision on whether to remain...

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