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What's up guys! I want to give you a little context into my life so you can get to know me and/or relate to me better. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio and was always passionate about entrepreneurship, as both of my parents and almost all of my extended family run their own business. Throughout middle school and high school I played a lot of sports, lifted weights and ran small businesses. Later in high school, I ended up hanging around the wrong crowd and developed terrible habits which I took with me into college. I enrolled into the University of Kentucky where I majored in finance with two minors in international business and economics. I went through the motions in college, had several internships with multiple banks and ran some small E-commerce stores. I graduated from Kentucky University with my degree in Finance and landed a job at JP Morgan. After passing my series 66 & 7 tests and working for 19 months I was forced to make a decision on whether to remain comfortable and uninspired in my current job or to go all in on my entrepreneurial ambitions. I knew if I was going to go for it, I had to dramatically change my habits or else there was no way I would make it. After going through several months of serious personal development, it was obvious that it was time to pursue my goals, match my actions to my ambitions and finally live the lifestyle I had always wanted.

Since quitting the corporate world I have started 3 successful businesses and more importantly positively impacted hundreds of people with my knowledge, skills and products. My lifestyle, happiness and health has increased dramatically since leaving my job.

My goal now is to help others in living a more inspiring and fulfilling lifestyle. I realized that money was the main reason why people were living unfulfilling lives so I have set out to change that one person at a time.

If you have any questions for me or just want some free knowledge I would definitely appreciate any and all attention on my social media platforms: @jeffsekinger on Instagram/youtube/facebook!

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